Storage Virtualisation

OSL Storage Cluster is a hardware independent Virtualisation Solution, dedicated to provide resource of a RAID (disk storage) to a group of Hosts (a Cluster). Disk Resources are assigned to a global Storage Pool, out of which each Cluster Node is able to satisfy its storage needs.

Today, professional IT users cannot afford to exploit expensive storage resources only partially anymore. But there is also no reason to do so. Indeed, modern technologies of storage virtualisation do not only improve the utilization of storage capacities, they are also enhancing availability and leading to faster return on investment. OSL implements such functions with an integrated volume manager as host-based software solution. This allows using a virtualisation layer to size volumes regardless of the underlying hardware base. At the same time, for example achieved by striping, performance advantages can be realized.

Unflexibler Exklusiver Storage

Convential Storage Management

In conventional environments, volumes (LUNs) from the RAID system are assigned to the host on an exclusive base, either through separate controllers and zoning, LUN masking or on disk groups of a volume manager. Therefore, free space on a LUN is usable only for the assigned host. Paradoxically, customers have to invest into new disk drives although there is still a lot of capacity available. Because there is no central management framework with a unified view on all devices, the storage administrator is faced with the challenge to keep track of these complex structures. Especially when hardware failures are causing stressful situations, structured and easy to manage IT infrastructures are beneficial. Thus, the administrator gets significantly supported in his work and the human factor as a source of errors is minimized.

Globaler Speicherpool

Storage Virtualisation with OSL Storage Cluster

The global virtualisation of OSL Storage Cluster enables a completely flexible use of resources. A new system can be integrated seamlessly and uses free resources as needed. Available capacity and bandwidth is allocated optimally. Costly investments in additional storage hardware are not necessary anymore. For the administrator particularly pleasant is the uniform view on all devices, provided by the global storage management.

Cluster Awareness

The integration of storage virtualisation and clustering, makes the OSL approach unrivalled from a technological point of view. By combining these two technologies the host-based software solution OSL Storage Cluster manages to convincingly integrate applications on the host. After all, only the host has an comprehensive view of application, operating system, hardware and complementary software technologies. Real application awareness can therefore in principle be only achieved by host-based software.

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