OSL Products: Hardware Support

All products from the OSL storage cluster family are currently available for the operating system Solaris. By using the DDI / DDK from Sun a basic operational capability on Solaris-compatible hardware systems is given.
The modular design of the software and the clean integration into the two distinct layers of the operating system drivers allow that there are no additional demands on the system. This also applies to the attached RAID systems.
So a wide range of hardware is supported, which is impossible to be displayed completely at this point. If your hardware is missing in this list, does not mean that OSL storage cluster could not be used. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to take advice from your preferred vendor or OSL. On the other hand systems in the following schemes are only such that have been approved by the respective manufacturers for Solaris. So the ability to run under Solaris is either expected or tested in practice and documented. The data is compiled with care and checked, but for its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Note also the support information from the manufacturer to the respective systems. Please note also that all products are intended for use with RAID storage systems protecting autonomously against failures of single disks.


All SPARC V9 and AMD64-compatible systems with manufacturer support for Solaris 7 to 11 are suitable.

Selection of compatible servers (German language)

As operating system Solaris versions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or higher are usable. Also an insert with OpenSolaris is nothing to prevent. Note that not all systems are approved by the manufacturers for Solaris 7 and Solaris 8. In principle, it can be assumed that OSL software runs on all servers that have been approved for operation under Solaris.

List of compatible storage systems (selection, German language)