OSL Storage Cluster

OSL Storage Cluster 4.0 integrates by host-based software the worlds of storage virtualisation and clustering. Global storage pools, volume management, multipathing, clustering, HA, Adaptive Computing, backup and archiving in one piece are no longer a vision but reality today.
A first overview about features and facts of the OSL Storage Cluster 4.0 provides the product overview (PDF file).

Note: All PDF files provided in German langage only!

Base Package

Even with the base package, central disk resources (RAID storage) can be provided as a pool (Storage) for several servers (cluster). From this pool using the integrated volume manager volumes can be built, cut in favoured size and provided with file systems. Volumes of this storage pool are accessible for each cluster node from a cluster-wide name space. In this way the waste of disk resources by explicit storage allocation of a LUN to one cluster node is omitted. In addition, the base package offers a flexible IO multipathing and bandwidth control for volumes.
Take a look at the detailed product information (PDF file).

Application Control Option (ACO)

The product component ACO offers opportunities to put applications into OSL-own containers. These containers can be moved from one cluster node to another (High Availability). Of course this can also be done automated by means of the software. Further, ACO offers an application-aware bandwidth control.
Learn more about this in the product information of ACO (PDF file).

Extended Data Management (XDM)

With XDM conventional volume management is extended by the concept of the storage universes. In these storage universes for example production, test and backup environments are summarized and organized. Through a comprehensive toolkit XDM allows to manage data as required. In addition to naked cloning of volumes, synchronous and asynchronous mirroring and live data migration complete disaster recovery scenarios can be set up with XDM.
Details are available in the product sheet of XDM (PDF file).

Integrative Solutions

By the use of all three software modules interesting integrative solutions can be implemented, for example, easy creation of system copies or the restore-less HA backup to disk concept with instant recovery and without any transaction losses in case of disaster.
For more detailed information, see Solutions » Backup and Why OSL? A product FAQ.