The Products of OSL - Solutions for a Variety of Data Center Requirements

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OSL Storage Cluster 3.1

A host based software combining Virtualisation and Clustering may not only simplify operational sequences but also increase overall performance and capacity utilisation.

Being a host based Software OSL Storage Cluster offers a holistic view as well as a seamless OS integration. Through the concept of virtualised application environments OSL deliberately choose a way to minimize complexity without relying on virtual machines. Besides clearly arranged concepts an ease of use is created avoiding bottlenecks and maloperation.

The basic idea is to combine cluster technology and volume management in a way that once allocated disk resources (a LUN) may be used without any fragmentation. Provided a redundant SAN infrastructure our build in multipath driver ensures higher throughput and reliability. Due to an integrated IO bandwith control, data is distributed as needed with high-performance. Remarkable side effect: Using IO bandwith avoids CPU bottlenecks.

High Availability is nowadays a standard requirement of services offered by data centres. The Application Control Option (ACO) add-on offers control and surveillance facilities for this purpose. With resource based selfmanagement, OSL is able to control cluster applications automatically and assigns them - based on their requirements - to the available cluster nodes. If hardware fails, applications may now - based on their priorities - be restarted on remaining cluster nodes. If required, low prioritised applications are stopped. Furthermore, failed cluster nodes are removed from the cluster.

IT administrators day-to-day work becomes more an more complex. Apart from the daily operation, wishes for system copies, test system, disaster precaution and hardware migration need to be addressed. The Extended Data Management (XDM) add-on addresses these requirements targeted on todays storage architecture and data centre needs. Through the OSL concept of "Storage Universes" full copies of active live systems may be created. Besides data mirroring (indicating a long term relation live system - data copy) and particular features (e.g. incremental resync, consisteny checks), the XDM addon also supports live system cloning as well as live system migration to updated storage architecture (i.e. your new SAN RAID). There is no downtime for mirroring, cloning and migration necessary, as these operations may be performed online. In combination with the ACO add-on, these operations may be used application-oriented.

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