OSL is a Unix only company. For joining our team you will have to feel comfortable in the Unix world and with some of the following:

  • Administration of commercial Unix operating systems (Solaris, Reliant Unix, SGI Irix, AIX, HP-UX)
  • Linux (administration, programming)
  • Shell programming
  • Programming with ANSI-C
  • Unix system programming with ANSI-C
  • Typesetting with roff, nroff, troff
  • HTML and CGI
  • SVR4 packages and RPM
  • Fibre Channel, SCSI
  • Architecture and administration of IP and FC-Networks
  • Commercial RAID Systems (EMC, FSC, Hitachi, Sun, HP)
  • Cluster Technologies with Unix (Software Focus)
  • Oracle, SAP (installation, administration, backup)
  • Backup solutions
  • Unix and Storage Market knowledge
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