As one of the very few german companys in the area of Technology and Development for Virtual Storage and Clustering, OSL has strived and succeed to establish it own Softwarestack "Made in Germany" which provides a stable Poleposition for more than 10 Years.

Products Solution Working at OSL
Did you know? Setting up a failover capable Solaris Zone (ACO) can easily be done with the curses based management tool.
Did you know? Extended Data Management (XDM) enables you to migrate volumes of a running application (online) to another storage box, complete and without any disconnection.
Did you know? OSL Storage Cluster enables you to maintain copies of entire applications, e.g. for Backup and/or Instant Recovery.
Did you know? The application Control Option (ACO) comes with pre-made templates for frequently used applications.
Did you know? OSL Storage Cluster Base offers in detail performance statistics for all volumes.
Did you know? With OSL Storage Cluster the IO-bandwith of single volumes may be limited. Using the Application Control Option - ACO - the IO-bandwith of an application may be limited as well. As a side effect of IO-bandwith restrictions, CPU bottlenecks are avoided, which in turn reduces the need for excessive ressource/project management.
Did you know? OSL Storage Cluster comes with a holistic, unrivalled system for data replication - starting with data center optimized mirroring (backup), data cloning (application copy) and data moving (online RAID migration): easy to use, efficient and with lots of user friendly, sophisticated details.
Did you know? OSL Storage Cluster enables you to use just one Backup Server (e.g. Networker) to backup all cluster applications, with incredible performance. Moreover high available services for e.g. archiving Oracle redologs and the possibility to a restore free, blazingly fast, instant recovery may be implemented.